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LTD sunerzha

Manufacture полотенцесушителей (design-radiators) from stainless steel water and electric

Open Company Sunerzha is one of the leading companies on manufacture water and electric design of radiators. Demanding much of selection of the personnel, it was possible to create the collective representing the union of adherents and highly skilled experts. Open Company Sunerzha in 1996 has passed to manufacturing design of radiators only from stainless steel, and, as a matter of fact, is the ancestor and the trailblazer of this direction in Russia. For today a modelling number of production of Open Company Sunerzha makes more than 60 kinds water design of raddiators and more than 50 kinds electric design radiators. Owing to introduction of new technologies, quality assurance at each stage and high culture of manufacture it was possible to leave on in the lead positions in this area. In particular, one of priority directions was mechanization of technological process, namely, polishing and polishing of a pipe is carried out on completely automated high-efficiency line of the original design created by own strength under the project of own design office. Finishing processing of a product is made by a method of electroplasma polishing that allows to achieve unsurpassed quality of a smooth surface of a product. At carrying out welding works hi-tech and expensive installations of manufacture of Finland which allow in places "welding" pipes are applied to achieve "провара" a seam on full thickness of a wall, and apertures in these places are adjusted with practically precision accuracy that allows to conduct welding by a method " a body in a body ", i.e. Without application of additives and consequently weiding the seam turns out very thin and accurate, but at the same time, гарантированно strong and tight. Each product passes the double control. First time - right after weldings, by creation of high internal pressure, and the second "опрессовка" is made directly ahead of packing, that practically comes to naught probability of hit in sale of the defective product. Having own powerful industrial base, Open Company Sunerzha equips products with a full set of accessories of own manufacture which as much as possible simplify installation of a product and, that is important, give to them the finished and harmonious kind. During manufacturing design of radiatorspipes only the best foreign manufacturers, such as JARO (Finland) which carry out welding of a pipe a method "TIG" are used.

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Country: RUSSIA
City: St.-Petersburg
Address: 195279, St.-Petersburg, ш. Revolutions, 88
Phone: +7 (812) 740-10-65
Fax: +7 (812) 740-10-65
E-mail: Olegnal@yandex.ru
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